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Lucy founded Philia International in 2009 with a mission to transform not-for-profit leadership. The company provides board search, assessment, development and coaching; succession-planning and strategic consultancy; board and executive training and mentoring in such areas as major gift solicitation, change management and fundraising strategy; and project assessment and strategic advice to philanthropic organisations and individuals.

The range of good causes Philia has helped include science and education (CERN, Switzerland), the arts (The Art Fund, Dulwich Picture Gallery), environment (Bioversity International), endangered culture (Firebird Foundation, USA) and poverty/human rights (Save the Children, International PEN).

Not-for-profit board & leadership consultancy


Lucy S. Blythe

Founding Director and
Lead Consultant

T: +44 (0) 844 201 1000

E: [email protected]

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Thank you for the stellar education you gave the International PEN Board. In one day you moved us ahead five years. Your clear and easy style allowed us to absorb the vast knowledge you have of what a board can do and how it can be done. Despite the geographic and cultural differences of our members, who, as you know, come from all corners of the world, you found a way unify us in our understanding.

Eric Lax, Treasurer, International PEN
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